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Enter your employee number (or contingent number, if you are not an employee) If your Employee number is 4 digits you do NOT need to add any zeros, if it is 3 digits add 1 zero to the front of the number, and if it is 2 digits add 2 zeros, if it more than 4 digits, enter the WHOLE number. Then enter the password that the System Administrator has given to you, you can NOT use your Network password for this system. Then click the Sign In button.

For assistance with Learning Gateway system issues (including password resets), please call the Service Operations Center at extension 4171. For all other learning-related issues email

Supported browsers include:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari

After logging in, if the Check System icon in the upper right of your screen shows a green checkmark, your system meets Learning Gateway minimum system requirements. If the Check System icon is red, click the Check System link to troubleshoot.

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